A Woodworker’s Notebook
Jeff Gorman
Circular Sawbench Safety

Most of this advice has been gleaned from UK/USA government publications and regulations.

The author suggests that for all workers, the regulations represent long-standing sound guidance based on the experience of many workers and Factory Inspectors.

The advice under these headings mostly refers to 'fixed-table hand push benches' used for cutting sheet or squared stock. It is assumed that carbide-tipped general purpose blades are fitted.

Read them first?
Forewarned better than hindsight?
Or Splitters or Spreaders
Speed, height setting, table inserts
The lowdown and a very useful tip
And nothing else
Lateral and longitudinal adjustment thereof
What to look for
They also cover other machines
Circular Saw Benches


All possible disclaimers apply! The advice is intended for amateurs working by themselves. It is up to you to prudently and constructively interpret the advice according your own circumstances. If in any doubt, consult qualified source

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