A Woodworker’s Notebook
Jeff Gorman
Three major projects, several workshop aids and a Tawny Owl carved from Olive wood
Constructional ideas and the joints to use
A practice joint, a Moorish dovetail and other information
A practice joint to try very basic methods - and a couple of mortising alternatives
Fettling - Jigging - Skittering…
Seven topics - Re-sharpening a Tenon Saw to Honing Fluids
Nine topics - Face Marks to Marking Knife Use
Undersized tenon repair and dovetail chopping error avoidance
Sawdust, White Rings, Sanding Belts, Cutting Board Hygiene, Carving
A run-down on most aspects (applies to people working by themselves)
Some woodworking terms defined

Jeff first started this site when woodworking groups could only use ASCII code to construct drawings but it was extended to re-use material already published (and paid for) that otherwise would be sitting on his hard drive and doing nothing very useful.

On his death in 2019 a number ofOldTools Mailing Listmembers requested that the site be maintained for the content and in his memory (seeFAQ #30 'Who is this "Jeff" guy?'). It has now been ported over from the original site atwww.amgron.clara.netand is being hosted by Hillwalk Ltd in appreciation of him standing in as company secretary from 1997 to 2000.

In the original introduction Jeff apologised for the variable drawing quality as these were his original drawings and were prepared for re-working by an illustrator and he hoped that the quality of information compensated for the primitive site design.

Jeff’s sight was affected soon after he retired, and if it had not been for the research supported by the Macular Society and the treatment he received his retirement would have been radically different.
Macular Society are accepting donations in memory of Jeff at:jeff-gorman.muchloved.com

Jeff Gorman 1928 - 2019

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