A Woodworker’s Notebook
Jeff Gorman
Dovetailing Detailed
Some Surprising Information about Dovetails - Forest Products Research Lab report
Let's get this off our chests before we begin!
A dimensioned layout
Setting out the tails
Advice on sawing technique, especially for the tyro
Rectifying errors (if any) and a useful repair tip
Scribing pins from sockets, gluing and cleaning up
Instead of sawing and paring, we can chop
How to toe the line and mind the gap
This time, it is about the pins-first technique
A quick run-down - Not for the faint-hearted
This is a lapped, lapped dovetail joint
How to show mitred corners
Just in case you ever get bored with dovetailing
Accommodating grooves and rebates (rabbets)
Grouped and Cogged Dovetails
Vocabulary, Shovetails…
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