A Woodworker’s Notebook
Jeff Gorman
A Practice Dovetail Joint

It is best to use a fairly resistant wood. The fibres of many pines will crush too easily when you try to pare the pin and socket floors. American Whitewood (Tulip tree wood) or a mild oak or mahogany would be suitable.

In this case I have decided to make the tails first.

  1. Set out the centre lines as indicated above.
  2. Mark lines 2.5 mm each side of the centre lines.
  3. (Below) Square these lines across the top edge
  4. (Below) Use the dovetail template to mark out the pin sockets (or tails if you prefer).
  5. Now move on toSawing Seminar
  6. ThenCompleting the Sockets
  7. ThenCompleting the Pins
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