A Woodworker’s Notebook
Jeff Gorman
Dovetailing Hints and Tips
You need to have a vocabulary to discuss these apparently complex joints.
These terms should suffice, though you may prefer different terms, for example I've seen the floors of the pins and tails described as 'lands'
There's not much point in joining the arguments about making the pins or tails first although as you can see, pins-firsters will need to be careful when aligning the components for scribing the pin sockets.
If you do want to argue, see:Tails or Pins First?
Misalignment has lead to the making of ‘Shovetails’.Face Side and Face Edge Marks
This is the customary slope of 1 in 8 used for hardwoods. 1 in 6 is usual for softwoods, but for thinner hardwood workpieces, you can get a bit of extra grip if you use 1 in 6.For some more information about dovetail slopes, look at:Dovetail Angles
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