A Woodworker’s Notebook
Jeff Gorman
Planing Notes
Truing and dimensioning a board
Finding its direction
How to avoid the dreaded droop
Improving a run-of-the-mill plane
Shaving Aperture Geometry
For fanatics only? Read and decide
Pics to solve the riddle
Forces acting on a plane blade
Less hit and miss than with a wooden plane
Hit and hope the blade does not move too far
Using another plane
The old hand's way, using a cambered edge
Make it yourself
(Chipbreakers) Tuning and adjusting
From an old text book
Know the difference
Obvious pun avoided
A source of many problems
Extracts from a longer article
For panel joints, end grain and 45° mitres
for end grain. Drawings and photos
For box mitres and suchlike
Perfectionists will need to look elsewhere
A technique, for the average worker with limited facilities
To abrade the sole
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